All About Amethyst

All About Amethyst

Ann Meyer


A lavender-colored stone that helps promote intuition, divination, and opening our third eye.

Amethyst is a crystal that is rich in color and is known for its beautiful looks, spiritual properties, and enhancement of psychic abilities. Its purple color reflects the mystery, magic, and royalty that this stone holds. Amethyst is a popular stone for crystal lovers and no crystal collection is complete without one.

Amethyst is a purple stone that is related to quartz. It can range in color from light lilac to mild lavender, or deep violet. It can be found in various places around the world. Most amethyst crystals on the market come from Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Uruguay. In an attempt to make this crystal more affordable and less harsh on the environment, scientists found a way to grow amethyst within a lab. Lab-grown amethyst is nearly identical to the natural version. In fact, it can be so alike that gemologists have been stumped on identifying which one is the real stone. Whether you own a piece of earth-grade or lab-grown amethyst, the properties it holds are all the same.

An interesting fact about amethyst is that when you apply a heat treatment to this stone the purple color transforms into a golden-yellow or orange-hued crystal. Citrine is a golden-colored stone that can be quite expensive to acquire the real version. Oftentimes, heat-treated amethyst is sold and passed off as citrine. 

Many cultures throughout history used amethyst within their workings. The ancient Greeks believed that this stone held properties that prevented intoxication. Often, their drinking goblets that were made for beer and wine were decorated with the purple stone in hopes of preventing them from becoming drunk. During the Middle Ages, purple was considered a color associated with royalty. Crowns and other items of importance to the royal families could be found decorated with the gem. 

Amethyst is connected to the third eye and crown chakra. When using this stone to tap into these areas of our mind, it helps us by awakening our spiritual side and allows us to work on these chakras with a clear mind. The color purple is often associated with magic and mystery. It should come as no surprise that this dreamy-colored crystal is used to promote intuition, enhance psychic ability, increase divination practices, and assist in dream work. Amethyst is also a very powerful stone when wanting to work on sobriety and abstinence from substance abuse.

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