Allergy Care with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

Allergy Care with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

Amanda Furbee
In most parts of the country we are starting to see early signs of spring. The trees are budding, the crocus are popping their dainty heads out of the defrosting earth. A new birth of a 2018 is coming out of hibernation and ready to guide us through 2018. With all of our little green leafy friends comes seasonal allergies. Many folks suffer from an array of allergies from plants. There are many ways to help with soothing and reducing your symptoms. Before the Allergy season is in full effect. I suggest a little detox! Think of it as flushing the system from hibernating all winter. Shaking the dust off a bit. The anti-inflammatory diet is a great detox. Pair this with our Nourishing Balancer Detox Tea and Tincture and our Deep Clean Capsules for a well rounded detox. This helps to clear the body of unwanted inflammation and nourish all our organs for a fresh start. I love adding a bit of local honey or bee pollen to my diet during this time as a allergy preventative. The Herb Shoppe has several items that can help guide you through allergy season and help to reduce the symptoms caused by seasonal allergies.

These are some of my favorites:

-Achoo Away Tea Blend & NEW Capsule Blend: For all-around allergy relief. This highly nutritive blend is not only effective for chasing away hay fever and allergies, but also supports liver and kidney detox, and rebuilds depleted reserves. -Aquila Allergy Elixir: Don’t let allergies cloud your springtime! Trust the Eagle to carry away your itchy eyes, stuffy nose, & sinus headaches. Like all products in our line of elixirs, Aquila Elixir was formulated to work on both energetic and physiological levels. We chose the energies of the east, the wind, and the eagle to guide our spring blend, which addresses those horrible pollen allergies, that plague so many of us in springtime. Nettle leaf’s quercetin content, anti-inflammatory action, and immuno-modulating capabilities suppress the histamine response that causes allergy symptoms. Sunny calendula flower moves lymph and soothes itchy and inflamed tissues. Eyebright, true to its name, clears itchy, watery eyes. Rosemary and sage clear stuffiness and sharpen minds clouded by congestion. Butterbur is a traditional remedy for headaches, including the sinus headaches that often accompany allergies. A few drops of lemon and basil essential oils add flavor and strengthen the blend’s power to clear, calm, and sharpen. Last but not least, a trio of Bach flower essences work energetically to address emotional distress that may accompany allergy symptoms. -Nettle Leaf in Bulk Herb or powder and Tincture: Nettle leaf is a deeply nourishing herb, rich in calcium, magnesium, boron, iron, beta-carotene and most B vitamins. It is an amazing herb for those with deficient blood. The high boron and trace mineral content also makes it useful for retaining calcium. Nettles have a gentle diuretic action and a restoring, strengthening, and toning effect on the kidneys. This plant is everyone's favorite for hay fever and seasonal allergies. It works is best when taken regularly, starting before allergy season. As a highly alkalizing herb, nettle also helps to remove protein wastes (urates) from the body which makes it useful for gout, arthritis, and muscle soreness. This plant was once said to be made from gold- it is that essential! -Vitamin’s Vital Greens Powder & Capsules: Give your body the tools to thrive! These green herbs are backed with vitamins and minerals, supporting tissue health, abundant energy, and overall health! -New Nutritive Beginnings Tea and Tincture: Everyday nutrients for whole body health. This nutrient dense tea is packed with vitamins and minerals that support everyday vitality. Overall health starts with nourishing the body, and Nutritive Beginnings Tea brings together our most nutritious herbs. Vitamin and mineral-rich Nettle Leaf and Alfalfa are paired with calcium and vitamin B-filled Oatstraw. Rosehips and Orange Peel provide vitamin C and immune-supporting antioxidants, while Red Clover Blossom gives the body added nutrients. Stop by and see us to view our complete line of allergy allies. To set up an herbal consultation with me for allergies either in person or via facetime or skype: To set up an herbal consultation with me email:
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