November 4, 2020

Energy and Metabolism with Head Herbalist Amanda Furbee

Energy and Metabolism with Head Herbalist Amanda Furbee
For most of us, the struggle with energy and metabolism is a constant battle, and it's REAL! It is often misunderstood, and for good reason--each person has a different speed at which their body metabolizes. This can be a real frustration for many! Our bodies need energy ALL the time. Energy gives our brains clarity and alertness. It gives us the “pep in our step” to keep moving throughout our day. It provides consistency in food processing so we can repeat the cycle of energy in our bodies, and don’t think that sleeping is getting off the hook! It is suggested (, that our bodies actually only slow down 5-10% overall during the REM sleep stage. We only slow down measurably when we are in the non-REM stage of sleep. We spend approximately 20% of our sleep cycle in this REM (rapid eye movement) cycle, but our brains are being actively used throughout every stage of sleep. Let’s take a look at where energy comes from: what we eat and drink play a key factor in what our bodies energy supply results in. If all we eat is sugar and carbohydrates, then our bodies go on a roller coaster ride; our metabolism fluctuates wildly and this can cause our energy levels to do the same. We don't want our bodies to crash because of lack of energy! What we do want is to put things that provide vitality into our bodies: foods high in protein, good fats, vitamin and mineral rich foods. One of my favorite ways of figuring out what my body needs is by doing an anti-inflammatory diet (which can be found here) to see what my body likes and doesn’t like. I find it helpful to do this a few times a year. You will (incredibly!) find something new about your body every time. This is important because when you understand what your body can process well and what it cannot, you save your body energy and helping to regulate your metabolism. Here are a few helpful tips for managing energy and metabolism with herbs:
  • Digestive bitters-this helps to keep your body processing foods smoothly. Check out Amanda Frankel's class on Botanical bitters on Oct 25th (class details here) to explore the world of bitters and your body.
  • Green food blend-add this to your morning smoothie for a natural energy boost. It’s like taking a multi-vitamin but better! Check out Claire’s Ashwagandha Milkshake at her next class on Adaptogens!
  • Drinking tea of Gymnema or Devil’s Claw can help with regulating sugar cravings while detoxing the body from sugar. Check out Claire’s class on How To balance your blood sugar and improve your digestion on Oct 6th. (more info here!)
  • Create an adaptogenic tincture blend for a little balancing boost. Some of my favorite herbs to combine are Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, Eleuthero and Reishi.
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