Herbal How to: Use Herbal Cigarettes to Give Up Nicotine

Herbal How to: Use Herbal Cigarettes to Give Up Nicotine

Claire Porter
Cigarette smoking is linked to many harmful diseases, from lung cancer to heart disease to stroke and even osteoporosis – but the latest interdisciplinary research in psychology, physiology and neurology is shedding light on the incredible hold that tobacco has on people. Nicotine is as addictive as heroin, cocaine or amphetamine and is much easier to access than any of the aforementioned drugs! Quitting successfully requires multiple changes to one’s lifestyle – such as choosing different places to hang out on the weekend or after work, finding other ways to cope with stress, incorporating exercise and drinking more water into one’s daily routine, even building new friendships! Another strategy to consider is incorporating herbal cigarettes. Unlike nicotine substitutes, herbal cigarettes can help you to quit because they’re rolled with herbs which address both the psychological stress and the physiological withdrawal of quitting. A pinch of Lobelia should definitely be in your herbal smoking blend as certain receptors in the body see Lobelia’s main constituent, lobeline, as nicotine. Lobeline is the same shape as nicotine and fits into these receptor sites, fooling the body into thinking it has received nicotine instead. Lobeline, fortunately, is not addictive when used properly for a short amount of time. It’s important to note however that Lobelia is a very strong herb and only a pinch of it will be necessary to use! It’s also a very strong muscle relaxant and should NOT be taken in large doses (or it will cause nausea) or with tranquilizers or alcohol. However it can be paired with Passionflower, Hops, Skullcap or Elephants Head (also known as Pedicularis) as all of these herbs are calming and relaxing. To help repair the lungs, add Mullein, Coltsfoot or Horehound these three herbs will help to expectorate mucus and increase blood flow to the respiratory organs. Quitting will not be easy and herbal cigarettes are certainly no magic quitting cure – but they can definitely help in the process toward ending a relationship with nicotine! Chest & Lung Hero Smoke Blend and the Lung Liberator Smoke Blend are two of our top pre-blends that feature Mullein, Lobelia, and Skullcap, along with an arrangement of other herbs to tone and soothe the lungs. For a full list of our smoke blends, you can find them here. Salud! Claire Herb Shoppe Events and Internship Coordinator
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I would like to try your herbal cigarettes but not to quit smoking, would there be a good idea for health reasons ?

Amie Johnson

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