The Stages Of Womanhood with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

The Stages Of Womanhood with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

Amanda Furbee

Maiden. Mother. Crone.

Cycles run in every aspect of life. In the earth, universe, seasons, days and in the physical sense of our bodies. In the female body these life cycles are often referred to as the Maidenhood, Motherhood and Crone stages of life. I love the comparison to these stages to the season’s of nature. Picture this, maidenhood is the beginning when life begins to become unique and our development of who we are starts to take shape. Maidenhood is similar to Spring, it’s now that we see the budding of our favorite trees and plants putting on a beautiful display of color and creativity. Its magnificent! The colors, the shapes and the delectable smells. Motherhood is when we are able to stand tall in our essence and the true form of who we are. We bring all the years of Maidenhood to the present and we create. This phase is often depicted as a pregnant woman. Nourishing and feeding her passions and creations. Motherhood phase is like the blossoming and abundance of summer. Bountiful fruits and vegetables everywhere. Abundance in all our creations. Cronehood represents wisdom and strength. Years of knowledge and able to rest our mind, bodies and soul. Cronehood is represented by Fall. During Fall we begin to turn inward and reflect on the year and our lives. Just as Fall begins to lose her leaves to restore for a new spring, our bodies cycle to our life's journey beyond time and space through Cronehood with wisdom and delight. With each cycle of life, change and growth are awoken. This month we have chosen to focus on the female body and what we can create in our Motherhood of growth at the Shoppe that would be delightful for each stage of womanhood. We hope you find grounding and comforting support in whichever phase you may be in. Embrace whatever cycle of life you are harnessing. We gently crafted these delicious blends to help through each cycle of life: Maidenhood -MoontIme Soother - Capsules, Tea, Tincture, and Bath Salts -First Moon Rising - Tea and Glycerite -Feminine Divine Tea Blend -Even Flow Tincture -Fertile Grounds Tea and Tincture -Balancing Chaste Berry Spice Blend -Yin Yang Tea and Tincture Blend -Lymph Love Oil Blend Motherhood & Pregnancy Blends -Mother-To-Be Flower Essence -Zen Mama Tea and Glycerite -Milkin’ It Tea and Tincture -Morning Sickness Support Tea and Glycerite -When You're Expecting Tea and Glycerite -Nipple Butter -Perineum Healing Salve -Yoni Care -Stretch Mark Oil -Sacral Chakra Cordial Cronehood -Cool the Crone Capsules -Yoni Care -Lymph Love Oil Blend -Sacral Chakra Cordial Stop by and see us to view our complete line of Female bodied products. To set up an herbal consultation with me for allergies either in person or via facetime or skype: To set up an herbal consultation with me email:
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