"The Squeaky Cleaner" Skin & Liver Tea

"The Squeaky Cleaner" Skin & Liver Tea



  • Dandelion (Restorative and regenerating herb, helps to stimulate and cleanse the liver aiding in the flow of bile)
  • Burdock (Best herb for skin-related imbalances, liver cleanser, blood purifier)
  • Angelica (Great stomach herb with carminative properties useful for digestive weakness)
  • Licorice (Soothing demulcent, helps inflammation of the digestive tract)
  • Horsetail (High in silica content making it a great herb for skin and hair)
  • Celandine (Hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, helps liver secrete more profuse bile preventing biliary calculi)
  • Oregon Grape (Anti-inflammatory, cleansing herb, useful for fighting systemic infections and treating skin conditions)
  • Cinnamon (warming digestive aid)
  • Orange peel (yummy)
  • Blessed Thistle (Hepatonic herb helpful for healing a damaged liver, liver congestion and stomach problems)
Extras: Aloe Vera internally. Aloe helps brings tremendous relief to digestive disorders and works to heal damaged tissues, just as it does sunburn. Alkalinity and pro-biotics. By drinking a cup of hot water with a half a lemon (or organic apple cider vinegar) our bodies not only become more alkaline, but our digestion is stimulated! Probiotics help to maintain the living biology of our GI track in tact. A healthy gut is reflected in our skin, especially our faces! Thank you sweet herbs for your infinite blessings!
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