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The Herb Shoppe PDX is an online shop offering a wide range of herbal products, including teas, tinctures, essential oils, and herbal remedies, to support health and well-being.

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locally sourced, organic, and wildcrafted. From bulk herbs to specialty blends, we offer the most premium selection of natural wellness products in PDX.

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Community Clinic

Are you looking to improve your health with the power of herbs but feel financially constrained? Look no further! Our non-profit sliding scale clinic is here to support you.

We believe in the concept of mutual aid and empowering our community through access to affordable herbal consultations. Our clinic is dedicated to providing long-term support for recovery, especially for those who may feel underserved or unable to find answers for their health needs.

Join us in our mission to make herbal healthcare accessible to all. Donate today and help serve our community.

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About Us

Our top priority at The Herb Shoppe is to provide quality herbal medicine to the community we support and admire. We’re proud to say that our herbs are organic or wildcrafted, locally sourced and live up to our highest possible standards. Whether you’re purchasing bulk herbs for personal use or you’re buying one of our in-house custom creations we know you’ll be happy with the selection we’ve gathered for you.

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"The staff there are always very helpful. Reasonable prices for a large selection of herbs, teas, etc. They have smudge sticks and other things too. I am a huge fan of their turmeric chips for my inflammation. It's better than taking ibuprofen, and I can just drop a few chips in my tea."
Herb Shoppe Customer

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