Waxing Aquarius Season with Joon Sapphire

Waxing Aquarius Season with Joon Sapphire

Joon Sapphire

Happy Aquarius Season, dear readers! I’m so delighted to introduce our Astrology Kits, now available at The Herb Shoppe. Each kit is a variation on the same products, including a tea blend, an incense blend, a flower essence spritzer, and a gemstone. We chose plants and minerals that have a planetary correspondence for each sign, and that support the archetypal energy of that sign. There are twelve Astro Kits, plus a Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit, just in time for our first Mercury Retrograde of the year that began on January 31st in the sign of Aquarius! Mercury will move direct on February 20th and leave its retroshadow on March 13th. 

Astrology is, in part, an art of relating to the seasons throughout the year. One way to connect with the archetypes of each zodiac sign is by bringing intention to a ritual, such as drinking tea, burning incense, or spritzing your space with these zodiac plant allies. 

Even if you’re not an astrology nerd, you’ve likely heard of the sign of Aquarius, but you might be asking “What does it mean"? Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, the fixed air element, and the sign of the Water Bearer.  While the glyph depicts a person pouring water from a pitcher, the pouring of the water is representative of sharing resources and speaks to an interconnectivity that awakens in the act of sharing. Aquarius reaches the entire collective, and every person has something unique to contribute by showing up in their authenticity. The sigil for Aquarius is of two squiggly lines, and this represents both water flowing as well as electric currents, reminiscent of our nervous or circulatory systems, or the currents of thought and energy. As an air sign, the thinking function is prominent for Aquarius. The modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is a revolutionary planet inspiring ideas of radical inclusion and connectivity, where every person can be a participant in the larger vision. 

In the season of Aquarius, in the northern hemisphere, it is late winter, and while the Witch Hazels bloom and fuzzy Magnolia buds appear in Portland, it’s still a time of rest and hearth tending. Our tea blend for Aquarius is most notably made to nourish and calm the nervous system. Aquarius is prone to an overstimulation of the nervous system because of the currents of energy and the fast flowing information, so nervines are always helpful for this sign. These plants help to bring one back into their body and to feel more grounded and centered. In this blend you’ll find nourishing Holy Basil and rejuvenative Oatstraw, along with Lemonbalm, a nervine that can help to quell anxiety while also supporting the digestive system. Digestion is also supported with bitter Wormwood and Blue Cornflower. Blue Cornflower, also known as Blue Centaury, is an anti-microbial herb whose Latin name Centaurea Cyanus was named after the goddess Flora and the Centaur Chiron; Chiron was a teacher of the healing virtue of herbs and known also as the wounded healer. Wormwood is an aromatic bitter used to strengthen digestion and relieve nervous tension, and is notably part of the Artemisia family. So the story goes with Artemis the Greek goddess that she gave the Artemisia’s to Chiron, who turned them into medicine. These bitter herbs are helpful in processing grief. I would recommend adding a teaspoon of honey to counter the bitterness of the Wormwood unless you are one who appreciates tea “without sweetness.” I like to enjoy a cup of this tea after my meals. ***Because of the Wormwood, this tea should not be taken during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

The flower essence spritzer in our Aquarius Kit has flower essences of Water Violet, Vervain, Quaking grass, and Scotch broom. This alchemical synthesis truly supports bringing your individuality into community and building on the vision of an inclusive society. The essential oils in this blend are bold, sweet and uplifting. I have found that the Water Violet mantra “I need the World and the World needs Me” truly speaks to the spirit of Aquarius.

Our Aquarius incense blend is a beautiful mix of plants, resins, and essential oils designed to be burnt loose over charcoal. The Aquarius incense was also blended with the nervous system in mind and heart. The herbs Rose, Spearmint, Sage and Lavender are all calming aromatics, while the Yarrow and Angelica Root are great for creativity and protection. Aquarius is the sign of the Visionary and Activist, archetypes that move our society forward towards justice for all.  Burning incense is a favorite ritual for Visionary work, to recalibrate and recenter in order to see the bigger picture as it pertains to the whole and to the future.

For connecting with the mineral kingdom, a Moss Agate offers strength and resiliency as it reminds us of the networks of moss that transmute for adaptation and survival. 

The Aquarius New Moon occurs on February 11 at 11:05 a.m. PST. Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and retrograde Mercury will also be joining the luminaries the Sun and Moon in Aquarius for this New Moon. Look forward to an optimistic, harmonious planet party! Call on the planets for guidance and support with your expanded vision and use this time for meditating on your truth, what you value in community, envisioning your unique contribution towards a more just and inclusive society.

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