Altar Building for the New Year

Altar Building for the New Year

Sharden Grimm

Welcome in 2020, a year to become more fully aligned with our true selves. Take the time to be in ceremony with yourself this year. A great way to do that is to build an altar space in your home.

Altars provide a space for connection to spirit. Altars can be a shelf, the top of a bookcase, an entire table, you name it. You get to decide where in your house you would like to be a sacred channel. These spaces are made so that you have a place to come back to to commune. Commune with plant spirits, spirit guides, higher beings, ancestors, and yourself. Candles, fresh flowers, dried herbs, crystals, bells, pictures of deities or ancestors.. Your altar is yours to curate. You may even find that nature provides in the way of feathers, special rocks, or fallen usnea and cedar leaves.

Time spent with your altar is for you. It is a time to drop in and connect with your intuition and energies. Allow the portal to open up and light a candle for your guides to find you. This is a time for meditation, feeling the energies, and clearing the mind of any chatter. Allow for stillness to take over and for the messages to come in. Use a bell to clear the energy in the air and burn some herbs or incense as an offering. You may wish to pull a tarot card as a way to communicate or try free journaling or drawing. Perhaps sitting in stillness is enough for that day. It is a time to come back to yourself and your inner voice. Revisit your altar often to practice listening in to your voice. Find time to connect with your true self often so that you can begin to integrate it’s true nature into your daily life and 2020.

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