Chinese Medicine & Qi with Cody Begdorian, LAc

Cody Begdorian
Last month I touched on the importance of improving blood function for women as it’s the most common disharmony. This month we move on to explain how important Qi is for men’s overall health. What the heck is Qi? You may hear that Qi is “energy” or “vital energy”. I believe the easiest way to wrap your head around Qi is comparing it to oxygen. When our organs are highly oxygenated, they work the way they were designed to. I see a lot of men coming in for injuries, stress and male reproduction complaints. The main issue in these cases is the oxygen isn't flowing to the organs, tissues, or even to the blood as blood follows Qi. Injuries are a result of blood and oxygen not getting to the location of pain or discomfort which ultimately results in slower healing or chronic pain. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs assist the body in moving and nourishing the blood and increasing oxygen to relieve pain and shorten heal time. Stress is a result of Qi (oxygen) not moving freely in a balanced way and getting stuck in certain organs, resulting in deprivation of said Qi to the other organs. This is why many times when you’re stressed you can’t sleep, your digestion is impaired or you become anxious. With specific male complaints such as impotence or night-time ejaculation, your kidneys are not getting the necessary oxygen to control the function of keeping fluids in or releasing fluids at the appropriate time. For anyone experiencing these or similar symptoms or complaints, please visit my website for more information or to make an appointment with your local Chinese Medicine Practitioner.
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