November 4, 2020

How Foods Heal- Using Plants and Acupuncture with Ben Stanford

How Foods Heal- Using Plants and Acupuncture with Ben Stanford
Herbs have always been near and dear to my heart and they still are. By meeting with my regular naturopathic doctor I was taught that a number of plant foods, fruits and spices offer the same healing powers as herbal remedies. For example I eat celery almost every day to prevent the pain associated with gout and garlic is a part of my diet because I know it can benefit my heart. Feeling energized by picking the correct foods One way to keep your energy going through the day is by picking foods wisely. Eating sweet foods causes a jolt of sugar in the blood, which signals your body to release insulin. That makes your blood sugar level drop, resulting in fatigue. A better idea is to eat so that you can avoid a lot of blood sugar ups and downs during the day. Healing foods for increased energy Cinnamon and Ginger Because I like cinnamon and ginger so much--cinnamon with its energizing cinnamaldehyde, and ginger with is fatigue fighting gingerone, I use them often. I like to combine these two spices with several herbs that are high in cineole, which combines to act as a general stimulant. You could try making a drink which contains cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, peppermint and spearmint to give yourself a refreshing pick me up. Crucifiers By increasing your consumption of vitamin B rich foods you can increase your energy levels. These can include foods such as cabbage, cauliflower and the cress family of foods. You can also increase your consumption of bananas and avocados. Garlic When eating garlic it has been known to reduce the symptoms of fatigue and increase energy levels, you can add garlic to sauces and sauté it with food to get an extra kick. Turmeric This is a yellow curry spice which has a strong anti-oxidant that protects against free radical damage. Curcumin contains a natural pain relieving COX-2-inhibitors which makes it an attractive, side effect free alternative to prescription COX-2 inhibitors. This spice also reduces inflammation by reducing histamine levels and possible by stimulating the adrenal glands to produce more cortisone which is one of the body's natural anti-inflammatories. Integrating healing foods & spices with regular acupuncture Tao is the creative force which gives rise in the dynamic polarity between Yin and Yang to the flow of life force called: Qi. Qi is the vital energy, the life force. Every life process, every organic function is an expression of the action and movement of the vital energy Qi. There are various forms of Qi with various levels of density in the human body. By practicing a naturopathic diet and taking a few acupuncture sessions you can protect your body from external noxious influences. This protective function is particularly important with the prevention of illnesses. The main functions of Qi are:
  • It is the source of movement, not only of voluntary movements however, but also the movement of processes involved with respiration, circulatory function and intestinal movements.
  • The generation of warmth in the body is a further function of Qi.
  • Mental activity and vitality are and expression of Qi.
  • Qi is also a function of organ functions like conversion of food in the blood and other bodily fluids
Acupuncture has mostly been argued that the evidence of the benefits it has on the body and mind was purely anecdotal, however this has drastically changed in the past 50 years. Regular acupuncture has been proved through clinical trials that it can help 50% - 80% of people. By eating healthy and giving acupuncture a try you can find a one stop shop for finding more energy within your body with increased endorphins, serotonin and cortisol. With his practice beginning in 2003, Ben Stanford's continuing studies at Physiotherapy Victoria have expanded his scope of work to include yoga acupressure, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine and applied kinesiology.

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