Welcoming in the New Year with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

Welcoming in the New Year with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

Amanda Furbee

Hellllllo, 2022! Like many, I am ready for a fresh start. To clear the slate and to start dreaming about all the wonderful potential that the New Year brings. I love this time of year to ground down and rest. So often we want to jump and start running. A dear friend of mine who is a distance runner loves to remind me that it's okay to go slow and pace myself. You will still get to the finish line. And you know what, he is right! The past few years have been enlightening, frightening, and rewarding all at the same time, barely giving us a chance to take a breath.

In 2022, I’m going to slow it down. Clear my head so that creativity can procreate. How about you? What are you anticipating to grow or push through in yourself?

Around the shoppe in January, we do a lot of chatting about detoxing. Detoxing the body, the mind, and the soul. It's about clearing out the old and refreshing with the new or improved. 

Here are my thoughts on detoxing:

  • Clear out and organize your space! We are inside more now than at any other time of year. Re-envision areas that need a refresh. Maybe it’s the Cancer in me, but I love the shift in my home at the beginning of the year. It can be simple like re-organizing the Tupperware cabinet, to "holy moly" we are going to knock that wall down! Either way, give it a fresh look to the eye. It feels great to give it a try!
  • Clear our heads by taking a big breath of fresh air. Yup, that’s right, air! Our brains crave it this time of year. So take a big whiff. I have always heard "go outside for 15 minutes a day, soak up the sun, and breathe it in!" That oftentimes means I am checking the hourly forecast so I know when I can catch some rays! For those of us who live in environments like the PNW, where the sun is sometimes like catching a glimpse of Portland’s famous “unipiper,” finding some time in the sun whenever you can is key.
  • Movement! Move your body. In my experience, the more I move my body this time of year, the better I function. Dance, go for a walk, do some yoga and stretch, take a class. Whatever your spice of life for movement might be, gravitate towards it. 
  • Rest. Not to contradict the last thought, but take it easy! Soak in a long hot bath as often as possible. Disconnect from constant digital interaction. It will still all be there when you get back. Meditate. Disconnect and be just you for a few minutes a day.
  • Reward your body. Remove all the sludge of last year by detoxing the body. It is amazing how much more energy and clarity I always have after a detox. It does not have to be anything abrasive. Drink more water. Give yourself a gentle detox. Eat lots of veggies. Check out our monthly specials for some great ideas on detoxing.

These are all just some of my favorite ways of detoxing to start a fresh New Year. Tell me what your favorite ways of detoxing and decluttering are?

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