Calling Coyote:  Q&A's to ReWild the Heart

Calling Coyote: Q&A's to ReWild the Heart

Coyote! Coyote! Coyote! Lately I have felt like a sludgey ball of mush. I am a masculine-identified person and even though I was brought up with the expectation that I be strong, powerful and grounded in all circumstances. Lately, I have been struggling with even getting out of bed. How can I face the day to day when my courage has never been authentic? How do I step into the role I was given? -What is Masculine? Dear What is Masculine? I love that you signed your letter with the exact question I would like to bring up first-- What is Masculine? In our society, we are given lots and lots of examples of how to be. If you google literally anything, you will be given photographic and text examples of what those things are. Google "man" right now, I encourage you. What did you find? The majority are white, thin, able bodied, most with a man bun or a chic chopped hairstyle. While a man can be these things, these things do not a man make! I want you to remember this as the ground work for the healing we are about to do. That you are creating whatever a man is for yourself. The way you interact with life, how you decorate and nest in your own body, the things you choose for yourself, they are solely yours, masculine or feminine--or somewhere in between. For you, I recommend a single tincture: Rose. I could fill you up on Cayenne tincture, to help you go faster or do more. I could recommend Nettle or Oatstraw to help you absorb your natural Testosterone (or chemical!), I could ask you to try Ginseng to fire you up, or Saw Palmetto for your reproductive health, but why would I ask you to do more? In our society, we are all pushed to do as much as we can, and often we do too much. What I see here is that you don't need to do more, but you need to give yourself permission to do less. Relax. Don't get out of bed one day. Rose will give you the patience, the tenderness and kindness that you deserve. It will soften your hardened edges and help ease the pain of being asked to be something you are not. It will help you breathe easy again. It will unravel all that is knotted and smooth tension. It will help you start again.
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