All About Agates

All About Agates

Ann Meyer

Agates are beautifully translucent stones, which help to keep us grounded and promote harmony and balance in life.

Imagine walking along the beach or playing in the river and finding a rock that is slightly translucent and almost seems to glow in the sunlight. Chances are you have stumbled upon an agate! 

Agates can be found in various places, including river beds, lakeshores, coastlines, and beyond. The best place to look for them is within the Pacific Northwest, the Great Lakes area, and the deserts of the midwest. Although, you are able to find them in other places. They are a common type of stone that is made primarily from chalcedony and quartz and are usually formed where there has been volcanic activity. When silica-rich water finds its way into the cracks and crevices of volcanic rocks, over time, agates are formed. There are many different types of agates, and they can be found in various colors ranging from red, orange, gray, green, blue, and clear. Some agates have what look like stripes on them, which are referred to as bands. 

From a spiritual and metaphysical viewpoint, agates are used to help bring balance to our lives. In those moments when it feels like you are juggling multiple tasks or you are on the verge of burnout, call on an agate. It is said the stone is best used when wanting to promote stability, security, and safety, while also restoring peace, balance, and harmony. This is because agates correspond to the Earth element, and Earth helps us to stay grounded rather than drifting away.

Agates are also said to help enhance dreams and are a great stone for dreamwork and lucid dreaming. Especially when paired with the herbs mugwort and blue lotus. The translucent nature of the stone acts as a gateway to other realms and allows us to peer through the veil. As mentioned, agates are related to the Earth element, as well as the root chakra. They also correspond to the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo, and planet Mercury. Due to its ties to Gemini, Virgo and Mercury, agates can be used when needing courage to speak our mind. Place one in your pocket before a work or school presentation to promote clear and precise ideas. This can also be helpful when needing to discuss important issues with friends, partners and family members. 

Common agates include: Blue lace agates, Fire agates, Moss agates, and Iris agates

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