All About Carnelian

All About Carnelian

Ann Meyer

Carnelian is a fiery, vibrant stone that promotes warmth and comfort. 

If you have ever stumbled upon a carnelian stone, one of the first things you notice is its resemblance to fire. Its amber-to-rust color draws you in and captivates your sense of comfort. Its color can range from a pale orange to a deep red, with many variations in between. Due to its color and the energy it promotes, carnelian is sometimes referred to as a sunset stone. Carnelian is generally translucent, but some stones are opaque and it is considered a member of the chalcedony family. While there are red agates, and carnelian tends to mimic the appearance of agate, it is not generally considered one. 

Carnelian is often used when comfort is needed. This stone holds soothing properties that evoke the energy of home, which allows us to feel safe and comfortable no matter where we are. If you are a person who gets anxious or nervous when going to new places or trying new things, carnelian is the perfect stone to carry in your pocket. This stone promotes courage, curbs fear and brings the sense of a hug to you. It can help us to eliminate thoughts of failure and instead encourages us to step out of our comfort zone and try something new. 

Carnelian can also be used when wanting to manifest your dreams or desires. Its vibrant color harnesses the solar energy found within the sun, which allows us to work alongside it. Set carnelian on your altar while chasing after your goals or starting new projects. This stone can help us to enhance our creative side and unlock energy from within. 

Throughout history, many cultures have worked with carnelian. Some traditions involved burying this stone with loved ones when they passed to promote courage and create an easy transition into the next life. While in other traditions, this stone would be placed on necklaces or the armor of warriors to bring protection and safe returns. When working with carnelian in this setting, you can channel the energy of Mars and the warrior archetype. 

Other properties and ways to work with carnelian include increasing your vitality, following your gut and making decisions, cleansing the body of emotional trauma, improving your mood and promoting happiness, and boosting libido.

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