All About Citrine

All About Citrine

Ann Meyer

A stone that embraces the power of the sun.

It is easy to see why citrine is used to promote happiness and joy. This vibrant yellow and orange-colored stone resembles sunshine on a summer day. Its translucent nature allows the light to shine through, which gives it an appearance similar to the sun's rays. Citrine can range in color from bright yellow like a dandelion to rusty orange. Some variations of this stone can even be amber-colored. The name Citrine is derived from an old French word meaning “lemon” and many cultures have used this stone in the form of talismans, rings, and more. 

Citrine is a type of quartz, making it a golden cousin to amethyst, clear quartz, and more. Like most other members of the quartz family, citrine is a translucent stone. What sets it apart from the others is its yellow and orange appearance. Due to the similar coloring, people will often confuse citrine with topaz. There are a few characteristics that set the two stones apart. Topaz tends to be a harder or denser stone and will have more luster than its golden friend. An interesting fact about Citrine is that most of what you find on the market is heat-treated amethyst. Natural citrine is rare to find, making it expensive and not easily accessible to most. In hopes of keeping this stone available for anyone to work with, people began applying a heat treatment to amethyst, which turned the purple stone into an orange crystal. Don’t be alarmed if you own a heat-treated piece of citrine; according to gem experts, they will work just the same as the natural stone!

Working with citrine can be beneficial in many ways. Through its sunny appearance, this stone helps to break the storm clouds that sometimes take hold of our mind, which is why it is believed that this stone can help bring forth happiness, creating warmth from within. In general, the color yellow is associated with creativity, happiness, being refreshed, and mental clarity. Working with citrine can help increase these elements within your own realm. Citrine also corresponds to wealth and abundance due to its golden hue. It is thought that since it is the color of gold, it can help attract money to your pockets, making it a great stone to use when creating a money bowl or satchel. In addition to attracting money, citrine is used to promote wealth, good fortune, prosperity, and the manifestation goals.

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