All About Fluorite

All About Fluorite

Ann Meyer

By: Ann Meyer

A crystal for inner peace, clarity, harmony, balance.

In the ebb and flow of life, it is essential to find moments of stillness in order to reconnect with ourselves. Fluorite can help us to navigate these waters by promoting inner peace, mental clarity, harmony, and balance. It has been a cherished stone throughout history and is often referred to as the “genius stone” or “stone of discernment”.

The diversity of colors presented in fluorite symbolizes its ability to align and harmonize with different facets of our being. Just as life presents us with an array of choices, fluorite helps us to navigate these complexities. Fluorite can be found in varying shades of purple and blues. These colors captivate the depth of fluorite and represent spirituality. This stone can act as a bridge between our inner and outer beings by enhancing our intuition and supporting us in our mindful or meditation practices. When we find the connection between our spiritual and physical self we can align with our higher consciousness. The soothing green and yellow hues found within fluorite represent our thoughts and experiences. Reminiscing on memories can often bring up emotions, whether they are good or bad. Fluorite can help us to embrace the good memories and work through the not-so-fond ones. It can also help us to understand our thought processes, decision-making skills, and intentions.

One of the main qualities of fluorite is its ability to help clear the mind of distractions and muddled thoughts. Fluorite promotes a serene, tranquil state of mind which can assist in spiritual growth and self-discovery. Acting as a gentle guide, this stone can aid us in organizing our thoughts, clear mental fog, and align with our inner wisdom. This is a great stone to use before a test, tarot reading, meditation, or anything else that requires clarity and focus. 

Fluorite can help us to embrace the journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth by seeking clarity and wisdom. When we harmonize with our thoughts and find balance within our emotions, we can focus on our goals and continue on the path of enlightenment. Using the enchanted colors of this stone to navigate the depths of our emotions by embracing our spirituality and inner thoughts, we can connect our physical self with our spiritual being.

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