All About Garnet

All About Garnet

Ann Meyer

A scarlet stone in a time of need.

Garnets can come in various shades of colors including green, orange, and purple. However, the most common and recognizable of the colors is the stunning scarlet. This wine-colored stone is full of courage, inner strength, and passion. 

A garnet must endure a great amount of force in order to form. Produced from high temperatures and physical pressure, a garnet is created. We see that disciplined energy is reflected in its spiritual nature. This stone strengthens and activates our inner warrior by promoting courage and increased vitality. When you find yourself in a place of despair, garnet can help you to crawl out from under the pressure and continue on. It harnesses powerful cleansing and regenerative energies which can help keep you aligned with your higher self. Garnet can help you break old patterns and cycles by forming creative, more structured outlets. 

Along with inner strength, garnets are a stone of passion and love. The deep, scarlet color of this gemstone can be used to promote intimacy and spark desire. When working with this stone, you may begin to notice an increase of love within yourself or others around you. Garnets tend to promote loyalty and admiration amongst partners while dissolving fears and jealousy. In ancient Greek mythology, pomegranates were thought to possess intimate energy and sensuality and were associated with eternal love. Garnets were named after the Latin word for pomegranate, due to the resemblance of the seeds of the pomegranate fruit. The two can be used interchangeably during a ritual setting by being placed on an altar or used in love ceremonies. 

Garnets are closely associated with the goddess Persephone due to their correspondence with the pomegranate fruit. After being taken to the Underworld by Hades, Persephone consumed six pomegranate seeds. In doing this she was allotted to spending half the year in the living realm and the other half in the with the departed. 

Ways to work with garnets include incorporating them into self-care rituals, especially for those wanting to manifest inner strength or self-discipline. Set them in your space when you need an increase of energy or want to tap into your vital force. If you want to promote intimacy and desire, garnets can be placed on the third eye or held within your hands. 

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