All About Malachite

All About Malachite

Ann Meyer

By: Ann Meyer

Malachite is a powerful stone with an enchanting green color.

Malachite can appear in various shades of marbled light and dark green, with each piece being completely different from the next. The hypnotic patterns help to attract people to this stone, while the swirls can bring uplifting energy and promote rejuvenation. Becoming quite popular in recent years, it is known for its protective properties and ability to absorb negativity. Other associations for malachite include fertility, death, resurrection, and the afterlife.

Malachite was a stone that was favored by both the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. The ancient Egyptians would carve small statues and make jewelry out of the beautiful stone. They would also grind malachite into a powder in order to create makeup and other types of paint from its stunning color. Inspired by the Egyptians, ancient Greeks also used malachite in paintings and eyeshadows. In the Victorian era, they would hang small pieces of malachite dangled from a baby’s crib or alongside children's beds to help keep evil at bay. It was also thought to help children have peaceful sleep and promote a good night's sleep in adults.

Malachite is known for its abundance of spiritual and beneficial properties. However, the two most common uses for this stone are as a protection amulet or to absorb negativity. Worn as jewelry or carried on the body, malachite can act as a powerful vessel of protection. It is said that the hypnotic swirls upon the stone will confuse any energy trying to hurt you, sending it back where it came from. This is a stone that is extremely beneficial to anyone traveling or working a dangerous job. Not only can the stunning appearance of this stone help to protect you, but it can also act as a sponge for negative energy. Whether the negativity is coming from outside forces or inside influence, malachite can help keep you uplifted and unaware of the rainclouds happening. 

Other correspondents to malachite include: Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Transformation, Attraction of Money, Self-Worth

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