All About Moonstone

All About Moonstone

Ann Meyer

Associated with lunar energy, moonstone helps to bring light in dim places.

Named after the beloved luminary, the moon, moonstone helps to guide and nurture our subconscious. Just as the moon creates light in the dark sky, moonstone can create a light within the darkest corners of our soul. It is a very reflective and receptive stone that is associated with yin energy and encourages us to look within. It can be very beneficial to work with this stone when practicing shadow work or when wanting to tap into feminine energy. 

Moonstone can be found in a variety of colors that range from translucent to opaque, with the rarest variation having a blue hue. Different colors of moonstone can activate different chakras or areas within our spirit, but all moonstones have common metaphysical properties of healing, nurturing, reflection, intuition, and femininity. While moonstone has strong associations with feminine energy, this is a stone that any person or non-identifying folx can work with. Think of moonstone as a mother figure, who wants to encourage your dreams and see you succeed. 

Moonstone is a great crystal to work with when practicing divination, dreamwork, intuition, or tapping into your subconscious. The moon itself is associated with all of these regions and its energy carries over into this gem. A great way to use moonstone is to place it on an altar (or something similar) before meditation or dream work. By doing this, you are inviting the moon’s energy into your space and allowing it to guide you on your journey. 

If you are a person who enjoys nighttime and going out after dark, place a piece of moonstone in your pocket or purse to help keep you safe. Just as the moon is the ruler of the night, moonstone transmutes that energy and can help keep you safe after everyone else has gone to bed. Moonstone can also help to protect you if you are traveling on a boat or on a body of water, through pregnancy and childbirth, and has even been known to help aid with menstrual cycles by setting the stone on your lower abdomen. 

The moon is a lunar planet that has strong correspondents to certain goddesses. Through its connection to the moon, moonstone can help you to bridge the gap or pay respects to goddesses such as Artemis, Hecate, Luna, Diana, and other moon deities. 

Moonstone can be very useful when practicing shadow work. Sometimes the dark areas of our souls can be scary or clouded. This crystal can help bring things to focus by radiating light from the inside out. It can help us to stay present while working on these areas and bring insight we may not have realized before. 

Types of moonstones include Blue or Cat’s Eye, Grey, White, Peach, or Rainbow.

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