All About Obsidian

All About Obsidian

Ann Meyer

Obsidian is an onyx-colored stone used for grounding, protection, and shadow work.

Obsidian is a glassy stone that is formed when volcanic lava has been cooled rapidly. It embodies both the elements of fire and earth. The most common color of obsidian is black. However, mahogany, snowflake, and other color variations do exist. Obsidian was often the stone of choice for indigenous people when making arrowheads and other tools. This is because the stone is very hard and can easily be knapped to a desired format. Obsidian is also very sharp. When broken or carved into a particular shape, obsidian’s edges can quickly mimic shards of glass. In fact, some sources say that the edge of freshly broken obsidian is sharper than a surgical knife. 

Obsidian is a great stone for anyone wanting to do shadow work. Its dark color and slick, glassy appearance can create a reflection that acts as a mirror. You can use this stone to look deep inside yourself. Allowing your inner being to work through trauma, hurt, insecurities, and fear. Obsidian’s reflective nature can also help to shield you from negativity and bad energy. In return, it will help to promote compassion, strength, and clarity. 

Obsidian can be quite dense, which makes it a great stone to use when wanting to ground down. If you are the type of person that is considered floaty, has a hard time focusing on one task, or tends to run away from problems, then obsidian would be a good stone to work with. This is often a stone that is recommended when you are wanting to feel a little more present or to stay grounded. 

Many people believe that obsidian is a stone that can help detoxify our body and mind. It aids in drawing out mental stress and tension while promoting and encouraging growth. When physically rubbed against the skin, obsidian has been used to help regenerate the deep tissue within our bodies and to promote healthy circulation. Some even say that obsidian is the perfect stone to work with if you suffer from many types of digestive issues. 

Common types of obsidian: Black, Mahogany, Rainbow, Golden, Snowflake, Apache Tears

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