All About Serpentine

All About Serpentine

Ann Meyer

Serpentine is a soft green stone that helps us to ground down while aligning our chakras.

Serpentine is a gemstone that ranges in color from light to dark green. Most serpentine stones have patterns within them that mimic the scales of a snake, and feel slippery when held, which is how it earned its name. It is often referred to as false jade because both stones look similar. However, serpentine is not related to jade in any form. Other common nicknames for this gem are precious serpentine, new turquoise, and kundalini stone. 

Serpentine is a great stone to work with when wanting to keep yourself grounded and focused. Its green color mimics the earth and reminds us that we are loved, supported, and can overcome any obstacles life throws our way. It is often used in therapists' offices to help promote talking about feelings and diving deep within us to discover the root of the cause of suffering. This is because serpentine allows us to tap into those deep feelings by stimulating the heart chakra, and in return promotes compassion and forgiveness. Serpentine supports our emotional health and is a powerful ally when needing to work through blockages or areas in life where we are feeling stuck. It gives us the confidence to move through these hardships and promotes a healthy future. Serpentine is a stone for self-resilience, setting boundaries, security, and strength.

It is beneficial to work with this stone while meditating, especially when wanting to work through trauma, connect with our past lives and ancestors, or when wanting to enhance our divine energy from within. Serpentine is a stone of transformation. Just like a snake, we are allowed to shed our old skin and embrace a new one. This gemstone works with us during this transition and reminds us that all will be okay. 

When working with the chakras, serpentine is a must to have on hand. This gem helps to declutter the areas of life that are keeping us down by aligning our chakras and setting us up to continue on the right path. It is especially a great stone to use when diving into kundalini practices. Kundalini translates into “coiled snake” and the idea behind it is that through various reasons our chakras become clouded, overlooked, or traumatized. When working with kundalini energy we want to "uncoil the snake" and allow it to freely align from our root chakra to our crown, creating a free-flowing and healthy alignment. This process is generally depicted as a snake laid over the top of our chakras, creating a path for our energy to travel. The stone serpentine has an incredibly strong alliance with the snake archetype and can help us to “uncoil” our snake from within.

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