Diving Deep with Calm Pets During the 4th and All Summer Long

Diving Deep with Calm Pets During the 4th and All Summer Long

Claire Porter

Featuring Calm Pet Glycerite

Independence Day is as American as it gets – usually, there’s a cookout involved, some hot dogs, macaroni salad, cold beer, perhaps water sports, a poolside or squirt guns, and as twilight approaches, sparklers for the kids. It’s a day most of us relish – a holiday that almost everyone partakes in, unless, that is, we have a pet who doesn’t react well to the loud, unpredictable noise fireworks create. And fireworks are a core aspect of the 4th of July! The problem is pets don’t understand our love for this tradition, and oftentimes, besides large professional pyrotechnical shows that go off the night of July 4th, smaller, local firecrackers end up going off all summer long – at haphazard times for random reasons.

So here are 6 ways to help keep your pet calm during Independence Day and all summer long:

  • A Safe Space is Key
  • Create a secure, quiet haven for your pet where they can hide – like a closet, pantry, basement, or under a bed. Add their favorite blanket, dog bed, soft pillows, and cozy stuffed animals so they can rest comfortably. You might want to throw in a new chew toy or catnip to help them stay distracted.

  • Reduce Noises
  • Reduce light and noise by shutting curtains and windows, adding calming music – some of which has recently been composed specifically for dogs – or “white noise.” While there is no way you can completely cut off the noise and light fireworks create from the sensitive ears and eyes of your pets, muffling it will help reduce the startling impact it will have.

  • Exercise them Early!
  • More pets go missing on Independence than any other time of year. At the same time, it can be wise to play with them longer than usual that day in an effort to help them stay calmer when the mayhem of explosions of lights and sounds begins. It’s common for dogs to tremble, shake, shiver, howl, bark, or express frantic behavior if they are stressed from fireworks, all of which may be mediated to some degree by an extra-long walk or more rounds of frisbee than usual earlier in the day. But that’s why it is so important to let them out before the fireworks begin and keep them securely leashed at all times on the 4th when it’s much easier for them to dart for cover at unexpected sounds and flashing lights.

  • Treats
  • There’s nothing most pets like more than a little treat (or two) so stock up on your furry friend’s favorites before the 4th or for those days when your neighbors suddenly want to use up their left-over firecrackers over a random weekend. It will help distract them and give them a little bit of positive reinforcement for staying calm when hearing a loud boom.

  • Remain Calm
  • First and foremost, be sure you are calm! Many animals notice your non-verbal body language. If you are feeling scared or anxious, your pet is likely to sense this immediately. So instead, prepare yourself the night before the 4th or have a little calm kit standing by with treats, chew toys and blankets for when fireworks suddenly go off to ensure you that can stay calm, gentle, supportive, and proactive.

  • Try Calm Pet Glycerite
  • Keep your agitated fur baby calm with Calm Pet Glycerite, a non-alcoholic tincture made specifically for dogs or cats in a base of vegetable glycerin, apple cider vinegar, and distilled water. A propriety blend of herbs including Skullcap, Passionflower, Valerian, St John's Wort, and Oatstraw soothe, sedate and relax your pet's nerves and muscles, helping them respond less anxiously to Independence Day mayhem. The flower essences of Bleeding Heart, Dill, Five Flower Formula, and Impatiens added to this tincture blend energetically address your pet’s fear and stress, bringing a sense of peace of mind even during hectic events like firework displays. This tincture blend is nontoxic, mild in flavor, and can be added to their water or food. It’s also appropriate to use it when you are traveling with your pet, moving, or if your furry friend is experiencing separation anxiety. 

    Who doesn’t want to have fun on the 4th of July? The key is proper preparation, keeping your pet nearby during firework displays so they don’t get lost, and remaining calm. By following these tips and adding a little Calm Pet Glycerite to their favorite treat before the excitement begins, you’ll have a relaxed, dosing animal before you know it!

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