Diving Deep with Sensual Love Ceremonies

Diving Deep with Sensual Love Ceremonies

Claire Porter

Featuring Glowing Heart Ceremonial Myst

Is your love life lacking these days? Perhaps you’re enjoying your solo routine but find it hard to imagine meeting anyone new or interesting. Or maybe you’re still getting over a former heartbreak. Using love magic could reignite your spark and many older traditions support its use. Ancient Egyptian burial sites contain relics of what is believed to be love spells and in medieval Nordic communities, there is evidence to support the use of magic to break up relationships amongst women, while men would use it to arouse desire or seduce others. What might your intentions be?

Whatever your objectives are around love, may they always be mutual, consensual, and respectful. Harm none, as the saying goes. So, if your heart is feeling a tad rusty, try one of the following Love Ceremonies, which is sure to kickstart your desire and get you in the right state of mind to invite love back into your life with open arms.

4 Sensual Love Ceremonies

  • Take a Luxurious Hot Bath 
  • As your tub fills with hot water, create a romantic playlist of songs to listen to while you soak, and then add one to two cups of Epsom Salts to the hot water, with a dash or two of cinnamon, a tablespoon of honey, a cup of creamy milk, plus a handful of hibiscus flowers and rose petals. You have just created the perfect bath to open your heart to love. Place a rose quartz over your heart chakra as you relax into the steamy water to soften and strengthen your intention while you meditate about the ideal partner or relationship you are calling into your life. 

  • Light an Anointed Candle 
  • After identifying your romantic intentions, use a carving knife to carve a word or simple phrase that reflects your intention into the side of a pink candle. For example, if you are feeling bold, you could carve the name of the person you want to attract. Anoint it with jasmine or ylang ylang essential oils and dried hawthorn flowers or damiana leaves, calling on the Goddess Aphrodite to assist you. Designate a safe, fireproof space to do this as anointing your candle will make it even more flammable. As you light your candle, envision it feeding your desire, and meditate on your beloved.

  • Dream of Love
  • Make a sachet with dried damiana leaves, mugwort, rose petals, hawthorn flowers, pomegranate seeds, and a pink quartz crystal. Using a small silk or lace scarf, place all of the aromatic herbs and the crystal in the middle of the scarf, tying the ends into a knot to make a homemade sachet bag. Place the sweet-smelling sachet underneath your bed or pillow while you sleep, for the duration of two weeks. Every night before you fall asleep, ask the Goddess Venus to help you visit your dream lover. Have a journal nearby to document your dreams when you wake.

  • Welcome Back Romance
  • Made of a proprietary blend of rose hydrosol, apricot oil, and essential oils of geranium, rose absolute, patchouli, and ylang ylang, Glowing Heart Ceremonial Myst is an energetic ceremonial spray that will help to empower your heart, opening it to the beauty of love. Each bottle also contains rose quartz and aventurine crystals, so shake it with intention before spraying it once in each of the cardinal directions – North, South, East, and West. Then ask Cupid to help soften your heart so that you may allow Love to enter your life again. Or spray it during any of the ceremonies mentioned earlier as an ally as you mend your heart and open it back up to the beauty of love.

    Love is part of the human experience and while it certainly isn’t easy – indeed, it’s a risky venture regardless of who you are or what your background may be – the rewards are always deep and resounding. May these ceremonies help you find a love that enriches you, brightens you, and helps you grow into an even better being. So mote it be.

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