Make Your Own: Perfect Popcorn

Make Your Own: Perfect Popcorn

Amanda Furbee

Popcorn is such a great snack for all ages! Grab a dried cob of corn, you can throw in a brown bag and pop in the microwave, or go old school and throw it on the stove with some oil. If you are short on time grab a bag of popcorn from the store and add your spices later. You might even have a popcorn maker!

Grab our Perfect Popcorn Spice Blend carefully crafted by Chef Nige, our in-house
culinary expert, and add to all your favorite ways to make popcorn.
Binge worthy popcorn, every time.

Toss up your popcorn routine with some of our Perfect Popcorn seasoning. Add a
dash of flavor to your favorite snack with anti-inflammatory culinary faves like
Garlic, Parsley, Nettle and Turmeric. Perfect Popcorn seasoning makes a delicious low sodium, nutrient dense seasoning for an afterschool snack, movie night or anytime! Slightly cheesy and totally tasty, our plant-based Perfect Popcorn Seasoning is all you need to have tasty delectable popcorn for every movie marathon…or every night.

Let's dive into how to make your Perfect Popcorn!

Here’s what you will need:

To Make Your Own: Perfect Popcorn

  1. Collect all your ingredients.
  2. Choose your method of making popcorn:
    o On the stove top 
    o From the cobb with brown paper bag
    o Grab your favorite bag from the store and follow instructions for cooking
  3. Take your oil, butter or ghee and mix it with your Perfect Popcorn Spice Blend until it's all liquid. Heat up if needed.
  4. Then mix with your popcorn until blended evenly.
  5. Enjoy!

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