Herb of the Month: Damiana

Herb of the Month: Damiana

Shannon Trubatch

The month of February has been long celebrated as the time of anticipation for the coming of spring. It is the time the womb of Mother Earth first senses movement and our soils anticipate the thaw and the potential for new life. On February 1st, many celebrate Imbolc to mark the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. In many cultures, this time on the wheel has long been recognized as a time of celebrating fertility and love. In some modern Western spheres, February also marks the time of celebration of St. Valentine's Day.

Here at The Herb Shoppe, we'd like to expand upon the kinds of love and pleasure that can be represented during this month. Whether you find yourself in a beautiful, expansive relationship with Self, or in any relationship that fits within or challenges the monogamous heteronormative standards often set by Valentine's Day, you are invited to take this time to dive into what brings you alive, what empassions your deepest desires and sexual experiences, and what calls you into intimacy and love.

Damiana can be an incredible herbal ally for opening up to what brings us pleasure and safely exploring our sexual and sensual desires. Damiana’s aphrodisiac effects were first recorded in scientific literature over 100 years ago. Even before that, it had been used traditionally for hundreds of years. Damiana is wonderful for calming the nerves and relieving anxiety and depression, especially when related to sexuality, sexual trauma, or sexual performance. If feeling stuck in one's head and unable to connect fully with the body and all of it's sensations, Damiana can bring you into the present moment and help unlock a deeper awareness and fuller embodiment.

Damiana can increase circulation to the periphery of the body, as well as to our sexual centers, increasing the sensitivity of those areas and aiding in pleasureful, sensual experiences with connecting with one's body, or with one you love. Sit on your own with a cup of Damiana tea, or share a pot with someone this February and take time to embody what love and pleasure means for you.

If you feel called to work with Damiana this February, you can find it's potent medicine in the following The Herb Shoppe products:

Aphrodite Smoke Blend

Blue Flame Love Cordial

Elevated Desire Capsules

Ignite! Tea Blend

In The Mood Bath Soak

Open Heart Salve

♡  Sacred Sacral Elixir

Sexy Time Oil Blend

Yin Yang Synergy Tea and Tincture

*Due to its hormonal activity, Damiana may be unsafe for pregnancy. This should not be considered a full list of all possible contraindications, and THS recommends that you consult with a qualified healthcare professional before using herbal products, particularly if you take other medications, or if you are nursing, pregnant, or expecting to become pregnant.

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