Herb of the Month: Maca Root

Herb of the Month: Maca Root

Cara Green

Eager buds peak their heads out at the first light of the sun, and the taste of spring grows stronger in the air when February comes to visit each year. For us at The Herb Shoppe, we are focusing on our sexual health, love, and wellness this February. This is a great time to reassess the goals and resolutions we put into motion at the start of the new year and take a moment to appreciate things for how they are, and slow down a bit. 

Most of us spend the month of January beginning new year resolutions, getting organized in new work projects, and laying down the foundations of what we want our upcoming year to look like. The energy of January is always “go, go, go!” in my opinion. While yes, January is a great time to set goals for ourselves, sometimes the pressure to “do better” and shake off old habits is stressful.

With all of this pressure for growth and with little sunshine, the seasonal blues often force our passionate desires to the back-burner. In truth though, the cold season is one for rest, introspection, processing, and slowing down our pace so that we may take better care of ourselves. What better time to tune in and warm ourselves from the cold temperatures with our inner fires?

Let’s use this month to take a break from outer expansion, and instead expand our focus inwards towards our beautiful selves that we so often forget to put first. It really is quite special when we allow ourselves to engage in play once again, to let our creativity loose, and to accept the care and love that we so very much deserve. Finding this appreciation for ourselves, and life, is essential in maintaining our curiosity and happiness, especially when we are trying to light the spark within intimate relationships. Unfortunately, though, effort and a change of mindset can only go so far when we are depleted physically or emotionally. If you're finding that you just cannot get your spark to light, Maca root can help. 

Let’s explore this nourishing aphrodisiac and adaptogenic, shall we?

Maca root, ​​Lepidium meyenii, is an Andean vegetable that has been used for over 2,000 years, primarily in Peru. Maca root is grown in high altitudes and resembles a turnip or beet, ranging in color from yellow to purple, but is most commonly a lighter shade of yellow. Maca is an adaptogenic herb, which means it helps your body respond to stressors, prolonged fatigue, and balance hormones, which in turn assists in boosting immunity and energy levels. While stress, energy, and immunity might not be the first factors that come to mind when thinking about what can affect libido and sexual health, these things actually play a very important role in our overall mood, as well as our body’s sex drive and physical performance.

Our bodies cannot relax or feel playful when we are under stress, tired, and spend the little energy we do have to support our run-down immune systems. Feeling unwell emotionally or physically can lead to slumps in your libido. However, this helpful aphrodisiac, Maca, is known to directly boost libido by stimulating arousal, assisting with erectile dysfunction (ED), and even increasing sperm count! It’s a great universal choice for the reproductive system because of these reasons, and also because it balances symptoms of menopause and supports lifelong prostate health.

Maca root is actually classified as a superfood, and no wonder! As if you couldn’t pack anything else into this incredible vegetable, Maca root is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C, zinc, copper, iron, and all eight essential amino acids are some examples of what is in this powerhouse. Maca root is an excellent choice to provide you with a strong foundation that supports the exploration of the sensual self, and wellness of our reproductive systems. Try it out with a sweetie for a special evening, or incorporate it into your daily medicine cabinet and begin to flow more easily into that divine space within. Your spark is waiting to be lit! Slow down, sip on Maca, and remember to make time for pleasure. 

Maca Superfood Latte



Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan and simmer over medium to low heat for about 8 minutes or until fragrant, stirring frequently. If you have a milk frother, froth the mixture thoroughly and then pour into your favorite mug. Add honey to taste, and top off with rose petals and a dusting of cinnamon. Enjoy <3

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