Absinthium Dream: Pisces Dreaming Syrup Recipe

Absinthium Dream: Pisces Dreaming Syrup Recipe

Sharden Grimm

A nutritive pairing of oatstraw and nettles nourishes the body while preparing for the dive into the subconscious. Wormwood, a species of Artemisia and a digestive bitter, has been known as a botanical used in the making of the spirit Absinthe. Invoke the bohemian in you with traditional flavors like star anise and fennel mixed with fresh squeezed lemon & orange juices. Mugwort Flower essence integrates our dream experiences with the waking world. As a bridge between both worlds we can find consciousness, insight, and guidance from the spirit world. Blue Lotus, revered across continents, most notably, Egypt for its ability to invoke the goddess. This watery herb floats atop the watery world of dreams and is said to be the bringer of light. Used to calm your nerves, spasms, and to invoke euphoria. Combined with the powers of Mugwort & Wormwood, this syrup is sure to bring transformative visions for soul expansion and inner work. Enjoy a mocktail version of this syrup at the next Artemisia Elixir Bar event @artemisiaelixirbar .

1 oz Elderberries

1 teaspoon Wormwood

3 tablespoons Fresh Milky Oat Tops or oatstraw

2 tablespoons Nettles

1 tablespoon Blue Lotus

A few Star Anise pods ~heaping tablespoon

1 tsp Fennel

Juice of one orange

Juice of 1/4 of a lemon


3 drops Mugwort Flower Essence

Choice alcohol for preservation

Take 2 cups of water, combine with herbs and juices. Simmer on low low heat until about half the amount of liquid has evaporated. Strain. Honey to taste. (~1/4 cup).

Measure liquid in oz or mls. Multiply total by .2 and add that amount of oz or mls to the mixture. i.e. I have 1 cup of liquid which is 8 oz, I will need to add about 2 oz of alcohol to preserve.

Add in drops of Flower Essence. Mix and pour into tincture bottles and label!

Take 1-3 dropperfuls when you feel like integrating the dreamy intuitive world into your earth body.

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