Rose and Cacao Bean Infused Lotion Bar Recipe

Rose and Cacao Bean Infused Lotion Bar Recipe

Sharden Grimm

Lotion bars are easy to whip up and fantastic for chilly winters, when our skin feels drier and could use some loving. A general recipe would be equal parts oil, cocoa or shea butter and beeswax. This recipe creates a slightly softer bar that melts right into your skin. Infused with fragrant rose petals and cacao beans, this bar is simply divine.

50 grams almond oil
50 grams
cocoa butter or shea butter
45 grams of
1/8 cup of crushed cacao beans
1/2 cup of fragrant dried
rose petals

In a double boiler infused almond oil with rose petals and cacao beans on low for a minimum of 30 min and up to 3 hours. Strain the oil with cheesecloth. In double boiler add the infused oil, butter and wax. Melt until well blended and pour into molds of your choosing! Silicon molds work best. Top with rose petals for an extra touch!

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