Sexual Health Tips with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

Sexual Health Tips with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

Amanda Furbee

It's so helpful for each of us to get to know our bodies with all their organs and systems, including our reproductive organs. And there are many great foods and herbs to help complement and nourish them. Not only can herbs and good food help balance, nourish and stimulate, but they can also help with the reproductive cycles. 

All bodies and genders have cycles. From large scale to small scale. Just like the moon. From puberty to menopause to senescence, our bodies are changing and evolving. Each phase should be honored and celebrated. The more you learn about your individual body, the easier it will be to know what you need and at what times in life. 

Below are a few of my thoughts on reproductive and sexual health:

Here are my thoughts on Sexual Health:

  1. Understand your cycles. Whether you are just starting your moon cycle or preparing for pregnancy, understanding your natural flow for each month will help you check in when things are not feeling okay.  Check out our monthly specials for reproductive health for May.
  2. Open communication with partner(s). You may be in a monogamous or open relationship with your partner(s). Either way, an open heart and honest communication about your sexual interactions will keep everyone safe. Having open communication can help you both to explore your sexual desires together.
  3. Keep it clean. Bathing and gentle, safe cleansing of our sensitive areas keep you running on a smooth path. Infections can often be created if parties involved aren't practicing good hygiene. Our Yoni Care Steam blend is a wonderful cleansing tool for sensitive areas.
  4. Enhance playfulness with aphrodisiacs. Eating a healthy diet really helps when it comes to our libidos! And there are many herbs, like Yohimbe or Damiana, and foods, like chocolate and oysters, that have aphrodisiac properties to help enhance your play time. Check out our Ignite! Tea blend or Elevated Desire capsules to add a little playfulness into your sex life.
  5. Regular check ins. Most folks are not especially excited to go in for regular exams from your practitioner, but they are the eyes for things that we can not immediately see. On the flip side, the more you understand your cycles, the better you will be familiar if something does not check out. Pay attention to your body. It tells us a lot if we pause to listen.
  6. Send your partner(s) praises. Always tell your partner(s) what you appreciate in them, whether it is their smile or that one special thing they do for you. These things help to keep us connected and growing together in life and with our body’s desires and pleasures. When things are good and when things are bad, we all need a little encouragement. 

Be creative about learning the cycles of your body. Share what you have learned with your loved ones. 

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