Tips for Good Digestion with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

Tips for Good Digestion with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

Amanda Furbee

Are you excited about all the holiday festivities on the way? It’s that time of year to come together and enjoy the holidays with friends and loved ones. With all that love comes lots of food! Pumpkin pie, cheese dips, bread, casseroles.. oh my! 

All of these things are delicious and satisfying. And it makes now a wonderful time to take notice of how to keep your digestion running smoothly during this time of year, and to keep up those habits all year round. 

There is nothing wrong with indulging your taste buds! Arm yourself with the knowledge to aid your digestion, and you'll be ready for this holiday season:

  1. Take bitters before and after a meal: Adding a few droppersful of bitters to your beverage or right under your tongue before and/or after a meal will help to signal to the digestive tract that food is on the way or that you just ate. This can help sluggish digestion and prevent indigestion and bloating.
  2. Be mindful of foods that feel heavy in your gut: This time of year, we are surrounded by parties and snack foods. It’s good to know your body and what works for you! Foods that make you feel sluggish or tired may be foods you become more mindful of. You can learn about foods that may cause inflammation in some bodies with our Anti-Inflammatory Guidelines.
  3. Your gut is your first brain: That old wives' tale of “listen to your gut” is not such an old wives' tale after all. Our gut is known as our first brain and needs lots of TLC for our mind to feel best. Nourish it with good food, rest, and digestive bitters for the best gut health. If you want to dive into this more, sign up for our monthly community clinic by emailing us at It's at a sliding scale, so all are welcome!
  4. Drink water: Providing ample amounts of water for your body helps everything run smoothly. On average, we can benefit from drinking half of our body weight in water daily. For example, if you weigh 100 pounds, drink 50oz of water. Water provides the hydration we need to aid our digestion. Speak with a healthcare provider about how much water intake is best for your body.
  5. See & smell your food: Digestion begins with the sight and smell of food. This stimulates the salivary glands to start the process of digestion and gets everything ready to ingest and breakdown. So our body can absorb the good stuff and pass on the rest. Try helping prepare the food, or taking some extra time to enjoy your food with all your senses!
  6. The Herb Shoppe has created many blends formulated to help your digestion be at it's best: Find a blend best suited to your needs when you shop our November Specials (15% off during November 2022!)

Stop by and see us to view our complete line of THS Products, create your own custom blend in our blending bar or set up a consultation with me to dive deeper your health needs. To set up an herbal consultation with me, email:

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