How To: Use a Candle to Set Your New Year's Goals

How To: Use a Candle to Set Your New Year's Goals

Claire Porter

How To: Use a Candle to Set Your New Year’s Goals!

The lighting of a candle has come to symbolize many things: prayer, grieving a lost loved one, building solidarity amongst a group of people or raising awareness of a cause, meditation, serenity, hope, or to create magic. The use of candles in religious ceremonies and spiritual ceremonies dates back as far back as 165 BCE. The use of a candle reflects our relationship to the Fire element and the power Fire has to help us focus our intentions and create a deeper relationship with the divine.

What are your New Year’s goals for 2017? What kind of year would you like it to be? Is there something in your life you need to start – or stop – doing? Is there anything in your life that needs to be removed? Or is there something missing?

Write your goals, wishes and intentions down and then light a fresh candle to begin the process of callings these things into your life (or releasing them). It’s time to making your life your own. If you’re looking for love, choose a red or pink candle. Looking for success at work or in your business? Choose a green one. Want to make a dream come true? Light a blue candle! Regardless of the color, what counts is your INTENTION and the power the Fire element has to make that intention a reality. Happy 2017! May it be your most magical year ever!



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