Mind's Meandering: Poetry by Kelsey Bostwick

Mind's Meandering: Poetry by Kelsey Bostwick

Kelsey Bostwick

Psychosomatic Celebrity

a bright star born of european dna,

she lives a simple life sweetly lingering low.

giving calm alms without condition or pay,

chamomile humbly offers a wedded way,

marrying head & heart with her healing blue glow.

the mother of the gut, the soma's second brain,

she subdues the ceaseless, synaptic shower

while soothing the stomach & serpentine main.

a protector of parasympathetic gain,

her sacred sapphire oils coalesce to empower.

she has become most famous infused as a tea

to inspire a drift through the dreamy depth,

though her nurturing nature gives fold-three,

quieting colic cries, easing anxiety,

and by bitterly balancing digestive breadth.

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