Minds Meanderings: Poetry by Kelsey Bostwick

Minds Meanderings: Poetry by Kelsey Bostwick

Kelsey Bostwick

.:::fabled immaculate faith:::.

suddenly, her string is seamlessly seen ... if one follows the fabricated fabled thread through time, an inverted portent past professing perverted promises of virtuous virginity is found.

her oral origin unraveling from distant greek tongues expresses incessant ingestion by monks & marys to stifle sexual desire & honor hestia's homey hearth.

conversely, she conspires to cradle conception & birth corporeal perception.

in genders engendered expansively, vitex harmonizes hormones & regulates lunar anatomy.

she also lends herself to transgender transitions by sustaining secondary sex aesthetics ensuing synthetic support.

ruled by the moon who governs cancer, chaste tree fearlessly flows through the moody, emotive motion of the emerald & sapphire ocean to cleanse the soul's sensual seas.

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