Minds Meanderings : Poetry by Kelsey Bostwick

Minds Meanderings : Poetry by Kelsey Bostwick

Kelsey Bostwick
.:::red age, so grand:::.

one taste of her blood, so bittersweet,

leaves you yearning for just one more drop.

a drop to heal wounds within the sheath.

outside in ... inside out ... sanguine heat ...

she curiously cures like aesop.

raised by amazonian essence, croton lechleri, reaches skyward & digs deep to offer descendants of transpiring true transcendence to fuel a flight like a boundless bird. this dragon breathes renewing fires, a funeral pyre, letting go to empty space for new desires. el sangre de grado, rewires luminal linings & dermal flow. the red age, so grand, released her dream of willing wounds weeping tears like swords moving backward in time, inverse scheme, blood given for blood, sewing the seam, for liars, lovers, livers & lords.
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