Make Your Own: Holiday Citrus & Spice Mocktail

Make Your Own: Holiday Citrus & Spice Mocktail

Amanda Furbee

Holiday spice and everything nice! I have a tendency to fill up on my Pumpkin Pie Spice quota this time of year. For this mocktail, we'll start by preparing a delicious orange and spice honey infusion that's excellent in mocktails, cocktails, and drizzled over desserts. You can always switch up which fruit you prefer in your honey infusions, but for this mocktail, orange is the perfect match for our Golden Citrus Bitters. Bitters are a great herbal addition to every day routine. They help to stimulate the digestive tract and prepare your body for food. 

Our Golden Citrus Bitters are created for digestion and may help you find relief from common digestive upsets like mild nausea, slow digestion, or gas and bloating. Bright and tasty Orange and sweet Fennel have been included to help soothe and ease digestive complaints.

Classic bitters powerhouse Gentian along with nourishing plants like Fenugreek and Ginger round out our blend to help your digestion shine. 

Give your digestion a little hand and enjoy our Holiday Citrus & Spice Mocktail before your meals this holiday season. It's sure to become a new favorite!


Honey Infusion Instructions:

  • Place your honey into the top part of a double boiler pot after placing water into the lower half.
  • Squeeze 2 oranges into honey and put them into the honey to infuse flavor.
  • Add the THS Pumpkin Pie Spice.
  • Leave on low temperature for about 20 min.
  • Use fine cheesecloth to strain out the spice and orange.
  • Pour the honey into a jar while it is warm, but leave the lid off to let it cool before storing. 
Mocktail Instructions:
  • Add 1-2 oz of the holiday spice-infused honey into your cup and add a few tablespoons of warm water and stir to dissolve the honey.
  • Add ice.
  • Add bubbly water and stir to mix together.
  • Top off with 1-2 droppersfull of THS Golden Citrus Bitters.
  • Garnish with a slice of orange. 
  • Enjoy this delicious and digestion-stimulating apéritif!

Learning to make your own herbal products is a fun evolution to bring balance to your life. On your person and in your home. We understand that not everyone likes to make his or her own products. We take great pleasure in creating products and recipes for you.

However, if you are interested in going more in-depth to make all your own herbal products, we will be offering our Make Your Own Product Series as a recorded class in the future.

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