Emotional Pain with Head Herbalist, Amanda Furbee

Emotional Pain with Head Herbalist, Amanda Furbee

Amanda Furbee

Emotional Pain

Pain comes in two identifiable forms: Physical and Emotional. We immediately respond to physical pain. When we fall down and scrape our knee, we typically have a fast reaction time to the pain associated with the contact between our knee and the earth. The older we become, our bodies tell on us with bodily aches and pains-- pains that typically tell the stories (usually showing up in the form of a “Tall Tale”) of our younger days of life! Physical pain is easy to register in our brains with an "Oooh this or that hurts!" Although, we might not always understand the reason why something hurts in our bodies. Often as an herbalist, I find myself re-educating myself, my peers and my clients about how foods can cause pain in the body. Many foods can cause inflammation throughout the body and that then registers as chronic aches and pains. For more information about this, come in and talk to us about our AI Diet Plan (this is free!).

Emotional pain can be a little harder to grasp with such instant identification. We might feel rejected, lonely, anxious, sad or guilty due to life circumstances past or present. Understanding emotions and where they come from can be an un-layering process of life! Eeeek! Sounds frightening all in itself! The best part of “peeling the onion” of our life is that it creates growth for us as individuals. We start to understand why we are sad or feel lonely. Facing those emotional deep waters alone can be overwhelming. It’s always helpful to have someone to talk through these issues with. This person may be a trusted and honest friend, a therapist, a plant guide or inner and/or external guides. One of my favorite ways to work through emotional layers is with flower essences!

FES has an extensive collection of flower essences. Bleeding Heart is one that has been a close friend of mine over the years. FES describes it's positive qualities: Ability to love others unconditionally, with an open heart; emotional freedom. It is a powerful heart cleanser and strengthener. With the use of Bleeding Heart flower essence, the soul learns to fill itself from within with strong spiritual forces, so that the capacity to love another is based on the ability to honor and nourish the Self.

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