On Meditation with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

On Meditation with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

Amanda Furbee

As I shake off 2020, my main personal goal this year is to nourish and provide self-care to myself. That’s right! I am being selfish…or not! It’s so important that we take care of ourselves and rest when we need to. Our society moves so fast all the time. We are constantly asked to shift everything on the drop of a dime. Over time that takes a toll on our physical and mental health. Big time! 

So this year, I am dedicated to myself! To self growth. To rest. To growing my emotional and energetic body. To my relationships, especially to myself. Each month I will plan out a new realm to explore to help grow in that direction. For January, I choose to meditate. Although, I have done meditation before I have not consecutively done meditation almost every day for a month. 

In taking the time to meditate daily, I found that I was more grounded and level-headed. It helped me to stay focused and make good clear decisions in the face of adversity. When my inner voice went bizirk on the inside, it brought in a level of peace. I thought, "Wow! Why have I not been doing this all the time?" How simple it is to take 10-20 out of your day for yourself. 

I am most definitely a busy body and my mind is constantly on! I started with exploring guided meditation. It felt really nice to have someone keep my thoughts where they needed to be. I love that you can choose many different types of meditation online for free. Some are guided with sound and others with voice. Meditations that were guided with singing crystal bowls were incredible. My whole body was vibrating with sound healing. You feel every core of your being engaged and charged. What a way to disconnect and reconnect! I totally dig it! You can also choose things like what you want to focus on, such as relaxing, abundance, or a specific chakra. You can do a 5 min or a 24 hour guided meditation! Meditation introduced me to many ways to really reprogram your mind and incorrect belief systems. I say, try it all and see what you like. 

Ultimately, meditation brought me back to hypnosis. It reminded me of my favorite Hypnotherapist here in Portland, Mary Lou Rodriguez. At the beginning of last year, I dove into a 6-session Hypnosis series with her to uncover some very interesting false beliefs I had in myself. At the height of the chaos of a pandemic hitting, and shifting The Herb Shoppe in a dramatic way last year, I was working with Mary Lou. I truly believe that working with her is what brought about honest change that was needed to survive and grow. As I was approaching the end of my trial run with daily meditation, Mary Lou offered a course on the Million Dollar Mind Set. Without hesitation I signed up for the 5 week series. I am so excited to dive head, or subconsciously, in. I will have to tell you all about it in March! 

Needless to say, I will be continuing mediation in my practice, but in February it feels like to time to move my body, (Anyone else feeling that!!??) so I will be incorporating a 4 day-per-week yoga practice.  If you feel inclined to join in a year of self-care, reach out. I would love to hear from you about what works for you!

Stop by and see us to view our complete line of THS Products, create your own custom blend in our blending bar or set up a consultation with me to dive deeper into your emotional and energetic worldTo set up an herbal consultation with me, email: info@theherbshoppepharmacy.com 

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