The Medicine of Hula Hooping and Dance with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

The Medicine of Hula Hooping and Dance with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

Amanda Furbee

Can you believe that we are halfway through the year! Time does fly! With each month’s goals to push myself, I am learning so much about joy and how to have fun while taking the best care of myself. Self-growth is fun and invigorating. It makes us push through in areas we need change and helps us to blossom to our full potential. Are you loving your personal self-growth challenges? Tell me all about it!

Awaken my soul! I have forgotten how much I love to move my body and dance! I signed up for Laura Azsman’s Dance and Hula Hooping 6 week series and had so much fun. Check out all she has to offer here:

In the stillness of 2020, I felt like I was not moving my body on the regular. I have searched high and low for what I was missing from my regular routine of fun. Dance! Oh yes, dance! Move your body through ecstatic and formal dance. Dance you can do anywhere - by yourself, with a partner or a friend. In your living room, backyard or even at the park. When was the last time you danced? Laura’s class is so fun with basic dance moves that include the hoop. For me, I had no idea how to actually even keep the hoop on my waist. With Laura’s help, I have learned to incorporate the hoop in so many ways. After my first class, I felt alive for the first time in a while. I think I called everyone I knew that I thought might benefit from this. Talk about word of mouth at its best! The smile on my face lasted for days and I could not wait for the next one. 

If you are looking for a way to inspire movement into your life, I recommend giving Laura’s class a shot! Dance! Dance! Dance! Let the summer fun begin!

Beginning in July, I will be diving into one day of self-care a week by disconnecting from all social media. I can not wait to give myself a break of solitude. Have you ever done a social media fast? 

If you feel inclined to join in this year of self-care, reach out. I would love to hear from you about what practices are in your self-care toolbox!

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