Tarot Reading for January 2022: The Magician with Herbal Pairing Schisandra Berry

Tarot Reading for January 2022: The Magician with Herbal Pairing Schisandra Berry

Claire Porter

Standing with a wand in his right hand extended toward the heavens, the Magician also points toward the earth with his left. In this way, he can receive the energy of Spirit and manifest it into conscious, earthly Reality. “As above, so below” or so the famous Hermetic text says in the Emerald Tablet. In front of him we see a set of tools laid out on a wooden table – another wand, roughly made, a delicate blade, a beautiful goblet, and a large golden pentacle. These tools are represented in the Minor Arcana cards in Tarot, and they also correspond to the elements. The wand is fire, the sword is air, the cup – water and the pentacle – earth. By unifying all the elements, the Magician is able to call upon the Divine Universe, and successfully manifest his dreams and desires. Calling upon Spirit not only takes preparation and tools, but also the ability to let the Ego step aside. This is the Magician’s boldest trick. To be daring in his dreams, and yet, not allow his Ego to rule his ambition or ruin his plans. With his wand pointing at the heavens, he focuses his desires not in egoic whims or greed, but in allowing his inner destiny to step forward, guided by the Divine Universe. And using the grounded energy of the earth and the lovely garden around him, he is like Buddha touching the ground during his meditation under the Bodhi tree, when he finally reached enlightenment. By connecting with the earth, the Magician’s Ego is kept at bay so that his magic flourishes and his inner awareness expands infinitely. Indeed, the infinity sign hovers above his head. He is aware of his limitless potential and ready to manifest his destiny!

4The appearance of this card signifies that we are at a powerful point in our lives and a new chapter is about to unfold. The time is ripe to harness our own magical potential and prepare for our next endeavor without doubt or fear. Like the Magician, we must trust in ourselves and in the elements of the Divine Universe before we can begin manifesting what truly makes us happy. 

Now that the beginning of 2022 is freshly behind us, we’re experiencing a new year and the unexpected adventures it brings. With its tangy flavor profile, Schisandra Berry (Schisandra chinensis) is a perfect choice to help us prepare for unknown excursions ahead. This herb is an adaptogen, meaning that it increases our resistance to some of the physiological harm that stress causes while reducing exhaustion and creating more equilibrium within hormones related to the stress response. Some adaptogenic herbs can trigger sensations similar to stimulants, such as nervousness, headaches, insomnia, or jitteriness, but Schisandra is not one of those herbs. It has been shown to reduce cortisol levels in trained athletes as well as lactate levels in muscles after exercise, reducing soreness and quickening recovery time. It can also lower blood pressure, reduce asthma symptoms, and has been proven to have many liver-protective qualities, including the ability to clear fat associated with fatty liver disease. 

Schisandra Berry is called Wu Wei Zi in China, a name that refers to the five flavors present in the fruit – spicy, bitter, salty, sour, and sweet. And all these flavors can be tasted in the berry at once! Indeed, this herb is quite magical, just like the Magician, and is probably decocted in a delicious tea in the chalice next to his other tools. In respect to preparing for new life phases and unknown exploits, the Magician and Schisandra Berry are an ideal combination for helping us stay strong in the face of all kinds of surprises. And whether those surprises be bitter or sweet, this duo will help us stay focused, grounded and yet ready to move and adapt to changing circumstances ahead. Tallyho!

 *Tarot reading is based on the Rider-Waite Tarot Card deck, illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith


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