Tarot Reading for March: The Three of Wands with Herbal Pairing Reishi

Tarot Reading for March: The Three of Wands with Herbal Pairing Reishi

Claire Porter

A man stands on a look out point in the Three of Wands, as ships from afar move across a golden sea. Dressed in fine tunics which drape over each other, the figure in this card has his back to us, as he watches his ships. Some arrive while others depart. His enterprises are expanding and doing well – in part because of his strategic mind and careful planning. He leans comfortably and confidently on one of his wands as they surround him. Vibrant. Fiery. Full of energy. They are his secret weapon to success. The winds, which toss his hair, are favorable. He waits patiently for some of his fortune to arrive while still sending out new ventures. The previous card in Tarot – the Two of Wands, shows us a similar figure, but he is looking out to sea from grand palace walls instead. Luxury has stagnated the figure in that card, giving him a hollow sense of victory and a feeling of being locked in golden handcuffs. Activity and movement are much more evident in the Three of Wands – and our hero is free to explore new interests while still supporting and expanding his current commitments. 

First of all, an appearance by the Three of Wands in a reading signals accomplishments and the success of well-planned strategies. A risk paid off. A collaboration is reaping benefits for both involved. The gambling tables favored us tonight – luck was on our side. But so has forethought and preparation. We discovered an advantage we didn’t previously know we had and we’re using it with care and intelligence. This has allowed us to expand into new areas of interest while still supporting our existing investments. There is a lot on our plate, but with the fiery wands behind us, we can handle it. Three wands represent alchemy – of two combining to make a new, third more powerful magic. And any risk with a little magic in it, is a risk worth making.

When expanding our projects, interests, or commitments, let’s turn to Reishi (Ganoderma sichuanense), also known as Lingzhi, a wood-decaying fungus that occurs in both northern temperate and tropical regions of Asia and South America. It has a large fanlike fruiting body, and unlike Chaga, it doesn't grow on living trees but instead prefers old snags, stumps and branches thrown over by wind or storms. It has a long history in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a potent medicinal herb for improving vitality and was so highly treasured that it was traded for its own weight in gold – available only to emperors. Recent research has made Reishi well-known by uncovering its ability to improve the function of lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell which specifically aids in fighting off infections and cancer. Rich in bioactive compounds like antioxidants and triterpenes, it enhances the body's immune response by stimulating white blood cell production. Studies show that it can reduce inflammation and certain signaling pathways involved in cancer development as well. Its ability to also neutralize free radical damage may be why it can boost energy and reduce chronic fatigue and depressive symptoms. 

The Three of Wands and Reishi create a powerful combination that will help us move forward with our riskiest projects, our deepest dreams and desires or our most audacious plans and schemes in concrete, strategic and sustainable ways. Buy a house? Raise a family? Pass your J.D. exams? Publish that romance novel? No dream is too big for wand’s eager energy and Reishi’s nourishing stamina.

*Tarot reading is based on the Rider-Waite Tarot Card deck, illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith


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