Tea of the Month: Power Berry Immunity Tea

Nicole Worthington
Power Berry Immunity Tea Ingredients: Elderberry Hibiscus Calendula Astragulas Echinacea Licorice Yarrow Our Power Berry Tea is named after one of our favorite ways to build up the immune system, Sambucus Nigra or more commonly known as Elderberry! Elderberries have been used for thousands of years for their powerful ability to help the body fight infection, colds and viral attacks. Also, Elderberry actually contains more antioxidant qualities than most notable antioxidant packed berries including Blueberry, Goji berry and Cranberry. Combined with Vitamin C packed Hibiscus, infection fighting Calendula, anti-viral soothing Licorice, and immune boosting Echinacea and Astragulus, this blend will leave you feeling strong and powerful to combat whatever comes your way!
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