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Moon Phases Singing Bowl - Sound Healing Bowl - Black Gold

Moon Phases Singing Bowl - Sound Healing Bowl - Black Gold

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This brass lunar phases singing bowl is hand-cast and hand-painted by artisans in India. It includes a wooden mallet and pillow to place your bowl on. Strike the bowl to set the tone for your sacred rituals and to call in your guides & angels. Singing bowls have many benefits including: 🌙 Stress relief 🌙Improving sleep 🌙Enhancing mood 🌙Stimulating the immune system 🌙Achieving balance and harmony in the body 🌙Removing negative energy Details: 🌙Hand-painted & cast brass 🌙3 ½" W x 2" H 🌙Not a frequency bowl and doesn't have a voice-fixed note
Made in India

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