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Virgo Astrology Kit

Virgo Astrology Kit

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For the season of Virgo // August 22-September 21// Mutable Earth

A kit to celebrate the season of Virgo, which coincides with late summer, a time when the harvest is abundant, and is the fruition of our planting is ripe harvesting. Virgo season asks for adaptability and flexibility. Goddess of the grain, Virgo is a grounded and practical earth sign. Ultimately the desire of Virgo is for empowerment and liberation, an energy that is precise and meticulous. This sign is about self-sufficiency and honoring one's sovereignty. Virgo shows us how to find meaning in our lives through service.

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Bountiful Benefits

Kit Includes:

  • Virgo booklet
  • Virgo flower essence spritzer:
  • Garnet crystal
  • Virgo incense blend
  • Virgo Tea blend 

Virgo Tea Blend-arrow, Lavender, Spearmint, Skullcap, Anise

Virgo Flower Essence- Essential Oil Blend: Valerian in Lavender Hydrosol. Flower Essence: Filaree, Crab Apple, Self Heal, Beech, Centaury

Virgo Incense Blend- Peppermint, Chicory, Jasmine, Coltsfoot, Skullcap, Fennel, Verbena. Resin: Myrrh & Frankincense. Essential Oil Blend: Mugowrt, Lemon, Bay Laurel, Vanilla, Jasmine. 

Kit Includes

Virgo flower essence spritzer- Spray on yourself or in your space.

Garnet crystal- Ground your energy with this gem that promotes creativity and endurance. Release fear and enjoy healthy emotions. 

Virgo Incense Blend- Light a charcoal made for burning incense. Sprinkle incense over the hot charcoal, brush off ash as incense burns. Continue to sprinkle more incense as desired until the charcoal burns down.

Virgo Tea blend- Make a cup of tea. See Tea Brewing instructions.

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